Aircraft Fleet & Simulator

We operate aircraft which are ideally suited to train a pilot from the outset and thereafter could be utilised for their night rating, instrument rating and instructor rating. The faithfull and loyal design of the Cessna C150, C152 and C172 fullfills that role. To assist students where their flying budget is restricted the Jabiru fit the profile and these fun to fly and capable machines serve the training industry well.

The Piper Arrow 28R is our flagship aircraft for the introduction to complex aircraft and is used extensively for the initial skills test for many Commercial Pilots.

For Multi-engine training we initially use our Piper Seneca Simulator and then the Beechcraft Duchess 76 aircraft itself is used to complete the flight training.







We take pride in our aircraft fleet and our servicabilty rate proves that we look after our training aircraft. Students are taught from the outset to respect the flying fleet.

Matching aircraft to our simulator is a priority and we make use of our recently upgraded FNPTII. Our state of the art Piper Seneca III / Piper Arrow / Piper Archer simulator is used for both more advanced Single and Multi Engine Instrument training as well as basic Instrument Flight and Procedural training . This simulator is SACAA approved for Emergency Training and Instrument Rating Renewals, and additionally, it is approved for credit towards the Night Rating and Instructors rating. The cockpit includes a fully functional TCAS and GPS system – features we are very proud of offering to our students!


Our Piper Seneca III simulator is a SACAA approved and certified FNPTII trainer and is approved for Instrument Rating Renewals as well as Multi Engine, Night Rating and Instructor Training. It has a 140 degree “wrap around” visual display and an audio system which makes flying the simulator extraordinarily realistic!

The simulators data-base includes most of the worlds major airports and the scope of weather conditions, emergencies and abnormal senarios that can be trained for is essential for any modern day commercial pilot. Flying at night in stormy conditions with rain, turbulence and lightning – all while handling an emergency, can be VERY realistically simulated. The dreaded “bird or animal strike” event is so real you’ll jump when it “shatters” your windscreen! Situations can be trained for that are far too dangerous to attempt in a real aircraft.

The simulators therefore assist greatly in developing a pilot and readying them for their Instrument Rating and Commercial Pilot Licence. With the ability to revisit the training session where a student pilot may struggle with over and over again, all in rapid succession greatly assists in the students progression.

Apart from being a cost effective alternative to flying the actual aircraft, the real benefit is that the QUALITY OF TRAINING is enormously enhanced! No wasted time and money spent taxiing out to the runway, waiting for traffic or positioning the aircraft to commence an instrument approach. Virtually any approach procedure in the world can be flown and this can be useful for familiarising oneself with an airfield before undertaking the actual flight. (Just as the airlines do when flying a new route.)

An instant post-flight replay with a printout in plan and vertical profile is recorded for the student to review and is valuable in assessing the student’s progress. Once competent in the simulator students find the migration onto the aircraft for the real excercise easy and fairly uneventful, a ‘hidden gem’ in boosting a students pilots confidence just before their final test.

All of this for just a fraction of the hourly rate of the actual aircraft!

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