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Flying The Cheetah

My eyes snapped open, my heart beating wildly. I’d hardly slept. I shot a glance at the bedside table clock for the tenth time in the last hour. 0330. Okay - Time to get moving.

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Rationalise Your Way Out Of Trouble

Most accidents are caused by a series of poor decisions at some stage before or during a flight. These poor decisions lead to other poor decisions which lead to...

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Brave Heart

There aren’t many decent aviation biographies on the bookshelves these days but every now and then, a really special one appears. One such is 'Open Cockpit over Africa' by Victor Smith. Walter Waldeck met the author.

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The Case For General Aviation Psychometric Testing

The one adage I’ve never quite been able to get my mind round is: “There are no bad students – only bad instructors.”! It was said by a very experienced instructor many years ago. I never quite got the hang of that one. Maybe because it implies
that all students are the same. And that, any instructor will tell you is simply not true. If it were, the Air Force and Airlines wouldn’t bother with the hassle of selection boards and psychometric tests. And in the case of the latter, that process takes place when selecting pilots from an already well very qualified group.

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Crm For Wives

(A lighthearted stab at inflicting cockpit CRM principles on your wife and kids.) Marriage is a bit like signing on for a flight with the same co-pilot. Time after time after time… (Although thankfully to different destinations.) In the good old days the captain was God and the co-pilot did as he was told – (just as Grandpa jumped when Grandma bellowed.) Ironically though, there is a close but unrecognized analogy between managing an airline crew and running a family. In both cases bad communication and a bad attitude risk a disastrous outcome, regardless of your flying or husbandly skills.

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Career Guidance

Students, parents and sponsors - please read the career guidance page
Students, parents and sponsors - please read the career guidance page


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