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Obviously this is a difficult subject to generalise on as salaries vary extensively around the world. Crop spraying is renowned as being a well paid job but this will be cyclically dependant on the season and whether you are prepared to work in outlying areas and switch hemispheres as required. Charter likewise depends on the local economy and its practitioners can do very well indeed during the fat times and less so during the lean. Contract flying is usually dollar based with good salaries and allowances while working but only a retainer between rotations. Rotations are usually 6 weeks on 4 weeks off.

Generally, corporate and airline jobs pay the best with some Middle Eastern jobs paying in the region of 6,000 to 22,000 US dollars per month tax free, depending on your rank, seniority and qualifactions. Inducements include a company sponsored pension plan. In addition housing, education and medical aid is usually free. European airlines, Easyjet, Go Airlines, and RyanAir pay substantially less and without the fringe benefits, hence their turnover of pilots is higher. One cargo airline in the Far East pays their Captains in excess of 20,000 USD / month tax free. Co-pilots earn around 12,000 USD. And that’s not counting allowances!

In the USA salaries are generally not very good in the lower echelons. And only once you become a Senior Captain in a major airline will it be comparable. (In most major airlines this could take 18 years!)  

Historically pilot salaries in South Africa were on the low side until 1994 when many South African pilots left for greener pastures overseas. This turned the tide and forced the airlines and consequently the whole industry, to re-evaluate their remuneration packages. With the current exchange rates, South African pilots are favourably remunerated in comparison to some of their Middle Eastern counterparts, although unfortunately without the fringe benefits and inducements. (And definately not tax free!)

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Students, parents and sponsors - please read the career guidance page


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