We work hard to keep our passion of flight safe. We at FTC have an excellent safety record with having more than 8 years without an accident. But we must be insured, so all FTC aircraft are insured against damage whilst being used for flight training by enrolled students or qualified pilots.

All pilots and students who utilize FTC aircraft are required to have excess protection and students are charged a nominal fee each month for the excess protection. We do include it in all our quotes and the protection fee is applicable for the period you are training here. 

When pilots are training on either the Multi Engine aircraft or any of the more advanced aircraft such as retractable under carriage aircraft, then an additional premium is applicable. Our Admin team will assist you in completeing the forms for these applications.

Public and legal liability to passengers and third parties is provided for. You should arrange your own personal accident insurance should you feel that this is required. Please note however that any personal equipment and possessions  you have on our premises are not insured by us and are held at your own risk.

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