Medical Examinations

A South African Aviation Medical can be done prior to arriving at FTC. We can arrange for the Medical to be completed soon after arriving at FTC, however where possible we advise the Medical is completed before travelling to George. This will ensure the commencement of your course is not delayed in the event there may be a health related issue which delays the issue of your medical certificate.

This examination is in line with most foreign aviation medical regulators, including those of the UK CAA and the American FAA. (Please note that A South African Aviation Medical Certificate is only issued by a  medical practitioner who is approved by  The South African Civil Aviation Authority).

The Medical requirement depends much on the pilot training you wish to undertake. If you are training towards the issue of a Commercial Pilots Licence then you will need to complete a Class 1 Medical. If you are training towards a Private Pilots Licence only then a Class 2 Medical is sufficient.

As in many countries, foreign medical certificates are not accepted in South Africa and foreign students will have to undergo a local medical examination. However completing a similar medical in your own country though will give you a clear insight of whether you are medically fit for the course you will be attending, and may even save you a great deal of money should a serious problem be found.

It must be stressed that you do not have to be a super-hero to pass the medical. With medical science the way it is today, just about everything can be rectified to an acceptable level. For example, poor eyesight no longer presents the problems it did years ago. Provided your eyesight is correctable, no problems should be encountered. If you are reasonably fit (physically and mentally) then the medical should not present any problems.

In fact, after wearing thick glasses since the age of 6, our CEO has had numerous Lasic and cataract procedures and still passes his medicals without restrictions.

For details concerning doctors qualified to complete the Aviation Medical in your area please contact us or the Institute for Aviation Medicine in Pretoria.

The examination includes the following:

  • Stress Electrocardiograph (ECG)
  • Lung Function 
  • Visual Examination
  • Audio examination
  • General Physical Examination
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