Our Facilities

The school was established in 1999 with the aim of instilling an airline culture and discipline into general aviation that would help develop an attitude that is conducive to flight safety and professionalism.

All flight training is conducted on a personal level. Academic tuition is presented by means of lectures and Computer Based Training (CBT.) Having your own flight instructor throughout the course and following a personalized, structured program affords you the best opportunity to achieving your goals. We assess the progress of all our students on a daily basis to ensure that you advance according to the flight training schedule. Periodic progress checks are required with either the supervising instructor, CFI (Chief Flying Instructor) or CEO to ensure that the desired standards are being met.

The courses are designed to be enjoyable, but they are also hard work! Flying, whether for fun or as a profession, requires a high level of self discipline and a responsible attitude – not only in the air but also on the ground. It is therefore important that students conduct themselves in a manner befitting professional pilot status. This is expected from all students regardless of the course they are attending. In fact this aspect will be assessed during your Commercial Pilot Course and will form the basis of a ‘Letter of Recommendation’ only presented to our best graduates.

Our primary lecture room is spacious and airconditioned. We make use of overhead projectors, dry wipe boards, posters and retired aircraft parts in our lectures. Our aim is to have 4-6 students in our Private Pilots licence lectures and more or less 15 students in the Commercial subjects lectures.

Relaxation times are also important for everyone and we make use of our BBQ area to celebrate our Solo awards and the various achievements of the students. It also gives the Instructors and students an opportunity to interact on a more personal level. Students are also free to make use of this area when they seek a quiet place to study.

Our facilities include

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