Riana McFarlane

Administrative Assistant

As the FTC slogan states, “Where flying is our passion” I have the same passion for Aviation. I have been involved in aviation for the past 11 years, working with first-time aviators starting their flight training until they become full-fledged career pilots. Aviation is constantly changing and evolving and I enjoy the learning aspect thereof and find it stimulating to learn more every day.

Watching students walk in the door and leave as accomplished aviators gives me a sense of pride that I played a part of someone achieving their dream.

As the morning-shift Administrator and receptionist I will be the voice you hear when you phone in to FTC and the first face you see when you enter Flight Training College.

I am here to assist you with Examination Bookings and license applications and as a designated invigilator for the online PPL exams, I also work very closely with the CAA to get your license issued expeditiously.

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