Walter Waldeck

Chief Executive Officer

Completing his PPL in High School, Walter went on to join the SA Airforce in 1979.

Unfortunately poor eyesight disqualified him as fighter pilot and he completed his two years mandatory National Service as a Meteorologist. At the same time completing his CPL and Instructors rating at Defense Flying Club. Following his first job as a charter pilot with Avex Air, he went on to fly with NAC, Magnum Airlines, Comair, Air Botswana, Sun International and Safair where he flew the iconic C130/L100 Lockheed Hercules.

Joining SAA in 1987 he went on to fly the Airbus A300, Boeing 767 and all the Boeing 747 models before being selected to the coveted position of Training Captain on the Domestic fleet. Here he was involved with training and testing on both the Boeing 737-200 and 800 models.

This was followed by a promotion onto the international fleet as a Training Captain on the Airbus 340 and A330 where he served for 16 years before retiring on the Airbus A350, currently the most advanced airliner in the world.

As the CEO he now serves full time at FTC George – the flight school he started in 1999 as a project to improve flying standards in General Aviation.

Having flown more than 100 different aircraft types he still regularly flies with his students and is responsible for all their professional flight tests and Instrument ratings before graduation.

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